Originally the details ofs the proposal was to be part of the Friends site, as they are the sponsor of this development.  However the Garden subsequently decided to use an independant site for this information.  While all relevant development information was to be made available, this did not occur and in the circumstances this site has been removed from the site index.

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The Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden welcome you to this web
site and this fascinating public garden with information on the development of a Children's Teaching Garden.  This part of the Friends site is devoted to this proposal.  The main contents of the site can be reached by the first menu item.

Who are we?

The Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden was formed as an Incorporated Society in 1990 to promote and support the development of the Botanic Garden, to raise funds and support Garden projects, and to foster public interest in its educational, historical, cultural, recreational and scientific functions.

What we do

The Friends work as volunteers to guide walks and host events in the Garden, organise bulb sales, arrange lectures, social functions and displays of historic and heritage interest, maintain a register of the Memorials in the Garden, raise funds and assist Garden Management with a variety of Garden projects.

Main current projects are the installation of permanent downhill path markers made of New Zealand-designed glass ceramic mosaic pavers in a rata design, and provision of support for fund raising for the Children’s Garden, a major development currently under planning.

You’ll see footprints of the Friends around the Garden. Recent projects we have implemented include the placing of directional and interpretative signage in the native bush remnants, the renovation of the Joy Fountain, the provision of entrances to the Pinetum, the renewal of many of the path markers and the maintenance of the “butterfly garden” on Druid Hill.

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Our Garden

New Zealand's most historic public botanic garden is located in the heart of Wellington, the Capital City of New Zealand. It is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture and is an Historic Places Trust Heritage Area.

This garden was established in 1868, 5 years later than the Dunedin and Christchurch Botanic Gardens, but is historically important from its key role in the introduction of Pinus radiata, a tree of major economic importance to this country.

Located within walking distance of the commercial and shopping heart of the City, it is only a short distance from the National Museum - Te Papa.

  The most spectacular entry is by Cable Car. Leaving from Lambton Quay, the main shopping street, it terminates at the lookout entry to the Garden, which provides spectacular views over the city and the harbour. (See photo at end of this page) Return to the city by walking the downhill walkway back to the city heart, through the children's play area, Main Garden with its old trees, Duck Pond, and seasonal plantings
, to the Rose Garden and Begonia House, then through the historic Bolton Street Memorial Park.

Come, enjoy, rest a while, have a coffee at the cafe and browse the Begonia House shop but, most important, bring your camera for those memories of this fascinating garden.

This site aims to provide items of interest and assistance to all visitors and members of the Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden.

One of the major projects that the Friends have  embarked on for 2013-14 is to support the proposal for the development of a Children's Teaching Garden in the Botanic Garden. This support is both through becoming the nominal sponsor of the project and providing seed-funding to enable the major fundraising effort required to get under way.

The Children'sTeaching  Garden is planned to be a world-class interactive garden where children can explore, discover and connect with the natural world. In this "living classroom" children will learn about plants and their importance to our lives and environment. There will be a full-time educator working with school and community groups. Young people will be taught about the vital role plants play in our lives and encourage them to respect all living things. They will come to understand that we rely on plants for our food, shelter and clean air - and that plants provide many of our medicines, fabrics and fuels.

The garden will encourage hands-on exploration of plants and their uses. They will be able to harvest food, make compost and learn how to grow plants. It will complement and extend activities already under way in a number of schools in the region.

See elsewhere on this site for further information on this exciting development.


Contact details

Friends of Wellington’s Botanic Gardens,
P O Box 28-065, Kelburn,
Wellington 6150

President: Frank Wilson; phone (04) 475 7337;

The Friends can be contacted by e-mail
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